Jacobite GROOMS

How to be a stylish Jacobite groom?

Among Christians in Kerala, the wedding dress trends will change according to the community to the community. Even though the main experiments are done over bridal dresses, the grooms clothing is also now in stake, since they are also equally the center of attraction for the day. Modernity brings in diverse trends in Jacobite grooms dress code too. Traditionally it was Kasavu Mundu and shirt only. Now in Jacobite Matrimony in Kerala, you can see the groom wearing a mundu with an embroidered or decorated kurta, pants, and kurta, western wear, sherwani or even fusion wear.

Since the history of the Jacobite Syrian Church goes back a few centuries ago, and because the first Jacobites were initially Hindus before they were converted to Christianity, it is not surprising that many of the rituals and practices seen in Jacobite Churches have a resonance in Hindu customs and practices. Since marriages are social ceremonies, weddings become the prized event where one gets to see a plethora of intermingling and interw oven customs. The minnukettu equivalent of thaalichaarth in Hindu weddings, dowry system and so on are customs that have found their way into the jacobite wedding rituals from other religions.

The most popular attire for the Jacobite groom

If there’s a piece of garments that could pick to delineate all of Kerala apparel style for men, all the way through the history of the civilization, it would be the Mundu. As a classic choice, it finds its roots in tradition. Mundu is considered as the most popular attire for Jacobite groom. Jacobite matrimony is renowned for keeping the traditions on the high side. The outfits of bride and groom, as well as the ceremonies of Jacobite matrimony, prove it’s truly Kerala based. The traditional Kerala Jacobite groom’s dress comprises of a white mundu with a kasavu border matched with a silk Jubba or shirt. The Kasavu Mundu can be of different types and the majority prefers a 3-4 meter long cotton twin cloth with the silk border. They completely resemble the traditional Kerala Hindu Wedding outfits.

What else can be more stylish for being a glamorous Jacobite groom? Celebrate your Jacobite matrimony in a delightful conventional Mundu paired with an elegantly smart silk shirt for the ultimate classic look. This can be the most special and brilliant Kerala-themed marriage dress for Jacobite groom.

What to be more modish?

If you are not comfortable with the traditional couture, go for the western outfits like suits which are equally appreciable for Jacobite grooms. When it’s time to opt for the best dress for your big day, a grand occasion like Jacobite matrimony, the coolest choice is of elegant and attractive suits. The Jacobite grooms' suit is available for an array of styles and colors. You can get the suits in two-piece, three-piece, or cherry red, golden, blue or even white. For any Jacobite groom who loves to make marriage more stylish, can go for an amazing choice of well-fit and perfectly designed suits.