Jacobite BRIDES

Can Jacobite Brides wear gowns?

Jacobite churches are extremely conscious about Indian identity and ethos. The touch of tradition can be seen in every aspect of Jacobite matrimony, especially in dressing and make-up style of brides. Jacobite brides are supposed to wear the traditional Indian wear, Saree for their wedding. Any cool and light color can be opted for the Saree, as per the taste and interest of the bride. Majority Jacobite brides prefer white or off-white sarees for the wedding day since it’s serene and noble.

Jacobite churches are not supporting the western outfits like gowns and other designer dresses for Jacobite brides on the wedding day. When other Christian domains follow the modern trends in western countries and look up to the Pope in Rome, Jacobites strictly stick on to the Kerala tradition, which is reluctant to unnecessary bragger. Vulgar and indecent wedding gowns are considered as disrespectful to both the church and Indian culture.

Many prominent Jacobite churches in Kerala suggest Jacobite brides wear saree for the wedding. The intention is to make Jacobite brides aware it’s not fair to wear western gowns that are exposing their body parts for the sacred day because they need to value "propriety in mind." The restriction on wearing wedding gowns is followed by various churches and they are strongly against the western fashion. The religious orders normally ask the Jacobite brides to keep the cultural as a priority, when choosing outfits for traditional Jacobite matrimony.

For Jacobite brides who are interested to carry western wear for the wedding can choose it for the party or reception, avoiding the dress for the divine ‘Minnukettu’ ceremony and feel the freedom. The minster is only strict about the dress brides carry for Jacobite matrimony at church. The celebration part is all of the brides’ choice and a Jacobite bride can prefer any dress and style according to your mind-set.

Many traditional Jacobites state it’s true that wearing a deep neck or transparent gown is intimidation to the holiness of marriage. It is always better to avoid chaos in the name of wedding dress and creating a controversy state in the church in the name of wedding outfit pointing the bride. For Jacobite brides, their inner beauty is considered as the most divine thing they carry for a wedding and rest all materialistic factors are perceptional in every sense.